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Dr. Majid Eghbali

Majid Eghbali, Phd.

Contact:  m.eghbali[at]

I am a non-resident researcher at the Institute for research in fundamental sciences, IPM for 2015-2016.


1997, Sep. 2003, July: BSc.  Mathematics, AmirKabir University (Polytechnique).

1998-2000: Philosophy.

2003, Sep. 2006, June: MSc.  Mathematics, Tabriz University.

2008, Oct. -2011, Nov.: Phd.  Mathematics, MLU Halle-Wittenberg.

Phd. Adviser: Professor Peter Schenzel.

Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Homological Algebra:
 Local cohomology, Complete intersection curves, Linkage theory, D-modules, F-modules, Lyubeznik numbers,  Multiplier ideals,  Test ideals and Singularities. 

Phd. Students:  (Co adviser)
1.  E. Banisaeed, current. (Payam Noor Univesity, advisers: Kh. ahmadi, F. Rahmati)
2. P. Nadi, current. (Amirkabir University of technology, adviser: F. Rahmati)
3. B. Lajmirii, current. (Amirkabir University of technology, adviser: F. Rahmati)

Msc. students: 
1.  A. Akhavan, (2016) (On highest Lyubezink numbers).

Research Publications: 
1.  M. Eghbali, On formal local cohomology, colocalization and endomorphism ring of top local cohomology modules. Phd. Dissertation  Martin-Luther universität Halle-Wittenberg (2011)

2. M. Eghbali, On Artinianness of formal local cohomology, colocalization and coassociated primes.  Mathematica Scandinavica , 113 , 5-19 (2013) 

3.  M. Eghbali, On an endomorphism ring of local cohomology . Communications in Algebra, 40: 4295-4305, (2012). (with  P. Schenzel)

4.M. Eghbali, On set theoretically and cohomologically complete intersection ideals., ‎Canad‎ian ‎Mathematical ‎Bulletin, ‎57(3) ‎, ‎477-484‎ (2014).

5. M‎. ‎Eghbali‎, A note on the use of Frobenius map and D-modules in local cohomology‎. , Communications in algebra, 46(2), 851-862, (2018).

6. M‎. ‎Eghbali‎, ‎On cohomological dimension and depth under linkage., Communications in algebra, 45(3), 1134-1140, (2017). (with N‎. ‎Shirmohammadi)

7. M‎. ‎Eghbali‎, ‎Annihilators of local cohomology modules and simplicity of rings of differential opoerators.‎,  Beiträge zur algebra und Geometrie, to appear (with A. F. Boix).

 8.  M. Eghbali, On the relation between formal grade and depth with a view toward vanishing of Lyubeznik numbers., Communications in algebra, 45(12), 5137-5144, (2017). (with  E. Banisaeed, F. Rahmati, Kh. ahmadi-Amoli).

  9.  M. Eghbali, On top local cohomology modules, Matlis duality and tensor products. (with  M.Y. Sadeghi and Kh. ahmadi-Amoli). , Journal of algebra and its applications, to appear.

 10.  M. Eghbali,  Lyubeznik tables of ideals of cycle graphs.,  (with  P. Nadi and  F. Rahmati)., submitted.

11.  M. Eghbali, Vanishing of local cohomology and set-theoretically Cohen-Macaulay ideals., submitted.



1.  On cohomological invariants of local rings in positive characteristic.‎, ‎Available at  arXiv.1501.06600, See No.5.

2. A note on the Annihilator of local cohomology modules in characteristic zero., available at arXiv.1501.00718, see No. 5. and No. 7.



 1.  Algebraic geometry 1, for Master grade, Payam-e-Nour Univ. press, in Persian. (With Kh. Ahmadi-amoli), 1397.